Instructor’s Manifesto

Ivor Madžar
2 min readOct 22, 2020


We don’t preach. We practice what we stand for.
We lead by example. We are Pure Players.

We are lifelong learners and teachers.
When we teach, we fulfill our purpose. When we teach, we learn.

We don’t fail by falling, we grow by getting up.
We grow by not giving up. We grow by adapting. We are resilient.

We will not sacrifice quality for quantity.
In anything.

We know habits cannot change in one day.
We know mindsets can.

We imitate Nature: We work with flow, build incrementally, grow exponentially.
We design functional pieces and turn them into functional patterns.

We are in for the long-term. We question.
We create new paths and walk with people who share the passion.

Without passion there is no creativity.
Without creativity there is no love for the process.

We support our fellow walkers, storytellers, doers.
We change things by changing ourselves.

In front of you is an example of the manifesto for Instructors, Teachers, Coaches and Mentors around the world. If you recognize yourself in it, your true purpose could be to help others through teaching, supporting and advising them.

In my heart I am a teacher, and I wanted to reflect the motivation behind it in this manifesto. As mentioned in the article on the importance of writing a manifesto, there is true power in knowing who you are and where you don’t compromise. This is why writing, not just a business manifesto, but a personal one can bring you direction, flow and a story that goes along with it.

And the story is what matters the most and communicates the most. It will help others relate to you, trust you more and listen what you have to say. A story, and therefore, a manifesto is the foundation and the glue between what you are doing and why it is important. It gives meaning and purpose. But most importantly, it brings you the right people to help you fulfill your purpose by you helping to fulfill theirs.



Ivor Madžar

branding consultant for a plant-based niche, plant-based instructor