The Importance Of Writing A Manifesto

Ivor Madžar
4 min readOct 17, 2020


The manifesto is a versatile tool designed to clearly articulate what the brand stands for — what is it that gets its employees out of bed every morning and motivates them every day to deliver on the brand’s vision. It is explicitly not about a brand’s product or service, but rather speaks to the heart of why they sell it in the first place. — Chris Langathianos

You can call it a Mission statement or a Manifesto — but this document will be the foundation of what you believe in, care for, stand for and who you are.

First thing I recommend to people is to do a deep research of their character and dreams, because without understanding who you are AND accepting yourself, it will be a struggle to manage a company and give it direction.

After accepting yourself you will know what are your strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses you will try to turn to strengths by working on them, and others you will validate and work along them. If you are not an early riser, you will make your evening productive as hell. If you don’t like socializing, you will not feel guilty or apologize for it. You will own it, say a determined no and, if necessary, find a different way to meet others.

Then a Manifesto comes to play. You will align your company values, beliefs and purpose with your own, talk about WHY you do what you do, and invite those who are just like you to join your passion.

Manifesto is a call to purpose and a call to action. It’s here to inspire, motivate and lift up spirits. It’s sometimes idealistic in its nature, but specific enough to show what you care about and how you do it.

There is this beautiful abstract checklist from Mark Di Somma, where he says a manifesto should have:

· The anger of a placard
· The commitment of a doctrine
· The beauty of a story
· The hope and excitement of a vivid dream
· The sense of a philosophy
· The call to action of a direct response ad

Bruce Mau Manifesto

There are many formats of manifesto and the best thing is — there are no rules for how it should be structured and designed. Sometimes it can be split into two parts:

· main values (priorities)
· guiding principles (the how).

It can be one sentence or one page. It can be an essay or a small booklet. Manifesto can then be used and transformed for products as a back story or a print. It can be designed into an aesthetically beautiful image with a help of specific typography, images, orientation, brand colors.

Lululemon’s Manifesto printed on a bag

The more you speak to your audience, the more you give them a chance to recognize themselves in your words. Manifesto in this way is a message directed to each and every one of them. They are craving for somebody to understand them, acknowledge them and listen to them. Because they, too, have something important to say, They, too, want to belong. They, too, want to be involved in something bigger. And you and your brand can give them this. You can create a world where they fit.

Apple’s Manifesto

Before you start designing a logo, before you open another social media account and start paying ads — I beg you — start from yourself, build your personality into your brand, write your personal and business manifesto, and then, whatever you do, make sure it is aligned with it. Every post, every marketing campaign and every product you design should be because your manifesto speaks it and your audience needs it.

Don’t create content for the sake of the content. If you feel stuck, go back to your values and your mission and let it inspire you like it did on the day you decided to start your business.



Ivor Madžar

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