Your way of doing things

Ivor Madžar
Oct 29, 2020

As a kid I would tear up the flooring and use the perfect sticks to build roads, walls and forts for plastic soldiers. I would take apart the furniture to hide or throw things at my brother. I would build Legos just to crash cars into them.

But also I would stare at night stars for hours thinking about the concept of life and death. I would teach myself memorization techniques just to exercise my brain. I would kill boredom by investigating my awareness.

Yes. I was a weird kid. I would argue anyone who has lived an exciting childhood is one. And that weirdness is what makes me who I am.

Idealist. Perfectionist. Curious. Reliable. Altruistic. Confused. Stubborn.

The way I do things is weirdly specific, objectively naive, often confusing, but unique to my processes. I sometimes take 3 steps forward in my head and a step backward with my feet. When others see a failure, I see progress.

I learned that results creep on you behind persistency. And the impact you have on others is what celebrates your flow.
Don’t fool yourself thinking logic is all that matters. Some steps are invisible, especially for others.

You know how you learn, how you work, how you achieve results and fall in love with the process. Your way of doing things is what will take you to where you never expected to go and you will love the fact that it has brought you to something you didn’t think was possible.

That is the power of doing things your way.



Ivor Madžar

branding consultant for a plant-based niche, plant-based instructor